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Been thinking about getting a new pair of boots today, I went into Topshop a few days ago and I love their boots but they are all so expensive. A girl came into the shop today with these Topshop Ample boots on and they did look amazing, but don't think I can or want to spend £70 on boots. I keep wearing the ones I got from the french flea market in my previous post, they are just so comfy and go with most things, I do still wear my JC's but not as much lately (I know I am terrible) but just fancy something with laces that isn't a DM. The JC's here I saw on Erika's blog and thought they were cool but no way am I going mental about a pair of JC's again, just too expensive.

I have the standard boots from ebay that everyone has with the silver buckle and chunky flatform but again haven't worn these in a while either. I am very tempted by the white ones as they are different but don't know if I can stand the month waiting for them from China! They are such a bargain though so may have to make a purchase...

If anyone knows of any other places that do cheap boots like this let me know!


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  1. I bought some that are almost identical to the black lace up eBay ones from Waiviki - they came really quickly and in the nicest packaging ever!

    Emily Wears Things

    1. i tried to get on their website but it seems to be not working for me :( will have to keep trying! x


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