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Sleeveless Denim Jacket - Hearts And Bows Cross Top - Hearts And Bows Dress - Topshop Crop...

Sleeveless Denim Jacket - Hearts And Bows
Cross Top - Hearts And Bows
Dress - Topshop
Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - BDG at Urban Outfitters
Silver Cuff - Urban Outiftters
Midi Ring - Topshop
Silver Socks - Urban Outfitters
Flannel Shirts - Cow Vintage
Dungarees - Cow Vintage
Foundation - Clinque
Lipstick - 17

Yesterday I went on a shopping mission with my birthday money and had a lovely morning finding some amazing things. I never normally have a lot of money to spend so it was amazing to be able to buy all the things I wanted as a birthday haul. There were some things I knew I wanted such as the sleeveless denim jacket and the jeans but mostly I just mooched around and found some good bits and bobs.

I went to Topshop first and tried on a couple of things including this dress and top, nothing much caught my eye apart from the jumpers but I have bought too many jumpers recently so I had to distract myself away from them! The dress is something I would never normally pick up or buy but paired with the black crop top and the belt I bought in France, I thought it would look really cute together. I also got this Midi ring that I think I saw on struttlamode so wanted to find that too. My mum then rang me to skype her in France and see the kitten that had randomly walked into their house, so for a few minutes I was looking like a weirdo in the Arndale with my phone at arms length gushing about a kitten...

After that I went into a shop called Hearts and Bows, I have never been in before but was pretty good. This is where I bought the denim jacket, they had lots of the standard 'Glamorous' brand clothing but also some reworked levi's shorts and jackets. Not normally my kind of shop but got my jacket so was very happy with that!

Then I went to American Apparel and knew I didn't want to spend insane amounts so walked out and into my favourite - Urban Outfitters. I tried on these jeans before my birthday and knew I had to go back and get them, I also picked up this pretty silver cuff and silver socks. 

After I had a look in H&M and Primark but couldn't find anything lovely, was going to buy a hoody from Primark but they are so thin and pretty horrible so didn't even want to splash out 9 quid for that. Lastly I went into Cow Vintage and found the most amazing things. I am loving checks at the moment so their rails of flannel shirts just called to me. I keep trying to find some at car boots but haven't had any luck so I bought these 2 BEAUTIES! They are also perfect to wear under the denim sleeveless jacket instead of a hoody as well. Then I found these floral dungarees, for ages I have tried to get some, bought some off ebay from Topshop but they were awful and keep missing out on vintage ones on ebay so I grabbed them and rushed into the changing room and they were the perfect fit, definitly my best buy.

Boots was my last stop and I got the lighter shade of my foundation I wear and some dark purple/red lipstick that I wanted to try out, it looks like a great colour on but just need to pluck up the courage to wear it in the day!

Sorry for the long rambling post, I was going to do a haul video on this but don't know if I am quite ready for that yet! Hope you have enjoyed reading about my shopping trip anyway!

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