Top - Primark (been wanting a sheer top thing for ages so was justifiable to go into primark for this!) Necklace - UO Sock...

Top - Primark (been wanting a sheer top thing for ages so was justifiable to go into primark for this!)
Necklace - UO
Socks - UO

Gone a bit mental on the shopping side lately, we live in town and it is just too hard not to pop around the shops after work (on days off...before work...whenever!) and yesterday I had a mini spree. The reason for this was the other day I was looking for the Jeffrey Campbell Riot boots on ebay as they are all sold out on nasty gal but as I thought no one was selling them. My friend Grace then comes home and tells me shes found some on ebay and is watching them for me! Crazy as they must have gone up just after I looked. It came to the day they were ending and I had a budget but at like 3 seconds some crazy stupid ebayer outbid me with a really high bid so I didn't have time to bid up and over theirs. Joke.

So I was really pissed off, hate that feeling when you loose something on ebay so I finished work eviling everyone (as if they were secretly the other bidder!) and thought I'd go shopping to make me feel better about it. Went to Urban Outfitters and I swear to god I just want everything! They are all so expensive but will have to go and have a look next time I get paid but I did get these socks and a necklace in the sale, am addicted to buying socks at the moment - bring on winter.

I had emailed the seller of the shoes after the auction ended saying if the winner doesn't pay then I will buy them, never thinking that whoever bought them would be stupid enough not to pay, but standing there checking my phone in the primark queue she emailed back saying do I want them! So now they are mine mine mine and I can NOT WAIT to get them yay. My very first JC's!

Ahhhh, sorry with boring you with such a stupid story but I think I am addicted to shopping so need to vent it somewhere....

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  1. The socks are gorgeous! I hate being outbid, I get SO angry but how lucky are you to get them anyway! xo

  2. Wow that is so lucky that you emailed her, and actually got them!! I've been after the jc Coltrane boots forever, I can't seem to get them anywhere.
    Also those sparkly socks are cuuute! x


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