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I can't quite remember where I found this online magazine from but I had it bookmarked so thought I'd share it anyway. I have seen lots of online magazines popping up lately, I subscribed to Dashing magazine and look at theirs every month which is really pretty as well. I am not so keen on online publications as I feel like something you can hold in your hand and save forever is more special. I have loads of magazines at home and even though I don't really still read them I love to know they are there if I ever want to see what was trendy in Vogue in 2001. I think it is even nicer to collect magazines like these online ones where they are a bit more special and designed for a specific reader. I have quite a few Lula magazines and they are just so pretty and lovely that it is great to physically have them. I also can't really be bothered to read the online ones, it is great visually but to zoom in and read something on a pc screen in tiny writing (much like the rambling I am going on about..ironic) but still, I love to sit at home and read a magazine as it feels much more intimate.

This Betty Magazine is much like Dashing in that it has beautiful layouts and fashion pages, i especially love the photography and large pages of just pictures. The floral bikini by asos on page 81 is begging me to buy it for summer. If anyone has any other online magazines they know of let me know, i would hate to know that I am missing out on beautiful magazines just cause they are online.

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