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 Tartan Skirt (cut from a long one) £1 Car boot sale  Vintage hot Pants - £1 car boot sale  Shorts - £1.99 Cha...

 Tartan Skirt (cut from a long one) £1 Car boot sale

 Vintage hot Pants - £1 car boot sale

 Shorts - £1.99 Charity Shop

 Concho Belt - 50p

Tartan Bag - £5 car boot sale

 Bag - £2 car boot sale

 Topshop Leopard Jeans - £2 car boot sale

 Sass & Bide Jeans - £7.50 car boot sale

 Vintage Crop Top - £16 Cow Vintage
Strappy Leopard Dress - 50p car boot sale

So this weekend I went on a bargain mission. I started off at Cow and got the cute floral crop top and some wide leg silky pants, they were expensive (for me) but I have worn both since so know they were a good buy! On Saturday I then went to York car boot sale which I haven't been to for at least a year so that was exciting. It was a bit rainy but I got loads of good shit. I haven't even photographed the bulk, just the best stuff. There was a stall selling amazing vintage clothes for £1 each so there I got the tartan skirt and hot pants. Amazing. I also got the see through bag and tartan bag there, I can't wait till it's proper sunny and York gets huge as it is a really lovely car boot sale to look around.

I then went to a jumble sale and picked up loads of crapola, nothing from there is pictured here haha but I got a few skirts I need to make smaller and a couple of tops. After this I went to Wythenshawe to look around some charity shops, I was trying to do as much bargain hunting as I could on my Saturday off!

Then this morning I went to a few car boot sales around Manchester. Got some Sass and Bide jeans (they originally wanted £10 so kind of a bargain) I knew I would be thinking about them all day if I didn't buy them. The topshop jeans are cute and a size 8 AND THEY FIT! They are stretchy so that must help but still! 

I got loooooads more than what I have photographed as I said but kept it to my favourite finds for this post. Gotta say I am absolutely skint now, it's surprising how much I can spend at car boot sales these days but my mantra is 'you'll probably never see it again' so I have to buy it don't I?

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