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So I have been obsessed with crochet for a while now, ever since I got some rose crochet cushion covers at the wholesalers I have been hook...

So I have been obsessed with crochet for a while now, ever since I got some rose crochet cushion covers at the wholesalers I have been hooked. It seems like many people are feeling the same awesome 70's vibes at the moment. They even had a bit on itv's this morning about flared jeans so 70's are definitely on peoples radars and obviously pictures from this years Cochella was an awesome place to get inspiration from. I have loads of random crochet in my wardobe from car boot sales and charity shops which is probably the best place to buy amazing vintage pieces. Topshop and H&M have a few pieces in stores but they always seem to be well expensive. I thought I'd put together some 'not on the high street' (well maybe on the high street) crochet pieces just to make everyone even more excited for when summer comes. 

1. Etsy
First off is etsy. I do like etsy but it is hard to get stuff from the UK as mainly it is american sellers. I feel like some things are quite expensive but I suppose they are worth it if you have the money to spare.

crochet top approx £54
CUTE but wayy expensive! I love the squares though, sooo perfect.

crochet crop top approx £40

I love, love, love these tops. I bought one off ebay in black a few weeks ago but I think my boobs are too big to really pull it off... They look SO cute with high waisted wide leg trousers like the below image. Yes they are like a bikini but worn with the right things it can be the perfect look. I love the idea of halternecks at the moment but again, I just ain't small enough to pull it off! They are probably worth the price more as they are all handmade. Think I paid around £15 including postage for mine on ebay.

2. Ebay!

So ebay is the classic, it has got a lot worse in regards to peoples attitudes on there are crazy bidding wars. I used to get such bargains on ebay but now it's hard to get anything cheap. There are loooooads of lovely crochet things on here. Zara did a good crochet top/dress that you can now find on ebay for ridiculous money. Again it is just a mental bidding war so don't expect a bargain.

rainbow crochet dress currently at $10 

This is just immense, Unif are doing one similar and seen ones in Cochella photos such as.....

ITS THE SAME ONE!!!!! wow, wasn't expecting that! You can too look like this (not Alexa).

3. Unif

Unif are always so damn good with their designs, this has got to be the craziest dress ever but SO GOOD! It's pretty damn similar to the ones above so would be worth a look if again you have a bucket load of money.

4. Waiste

Just heaven on a jacket. That's all i gotta say. Sara's got it spot on with this and it just makes me wanna cover ALL my shit in crochet loveliness.

5. Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision are SUCH babes. I love their website and am always having a browse, if it wern't for the customs etc then I would order everyday! They always update their stock and know whats good when it comes to finding one off crochet items. They are also very well priced, I could go on and chat about their mega Bad Vibes shorts but no I will stop at crochet today!

6. Parents!

This is me today (yay) in my mums poncho she gave me, parents are obviously a good place to start for amazing vintage clothing seeing as they grew up in the 70's/80's. Most of the time they will not have held onto the good shit though which is a shame. I'm not sure why my mum still had this but we had it in France once when it got cold about 6 years ago. I can't remember when she gave it to me but I had it in my drawer for a while and just pulled it out the other day like OMG forgot I had this! Amazing!

Really the only way to get good vintage crochet is to search and rifle through vintage shops/charity shops/car boot sales and hope to spot something magical. I hope this has been inspiring and helps to think of other places that arn't the standard Topshop/H&M/Primark to look for amazing clothing. Not saying I don't shop there, I do but I sometimes just hate myself a little for doing so (and then wonder why I have no money). I have always loved a bargain so to me finding that perfect crochet jumper for £2 at a car boot sale will always beat spending £35 on a topshop item that everyone has.

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  1. Okay firstly, you watch the This Morning fashion segment??? I know where you get ALL of your inspiration from now. Secondly BIG FAN of this post, I'm also really into crochet! Hoping to find some at car boots this summer.

    1. Haha yes occasionally I catch this morning, I now know that a peplum would suit my body shape! Very educational....

      We should soooo go to car boots together! Little girly road trip :) xxxx

  2. THE PONCHO! I remember this guy, how do you fit your head in it??! See you very soooooon xx


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