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 Hat - Car boot sale Top - Car boot sale (topshop) Shorts - Topshop Nikes - Car boot sale...

 Hat - Car boot sale
Top - Car boot sale (topshop)
Shorts - Topshop
Nikes - Car boot sale
Jacket - French flea market

Today I have gone for shorts but with black tights, makes it sooo much more appropriate for daytime wear. I got these shorts ages ago and haven't worn them in a while. I think it may be because I see so many younger girls wearing them and I feel strange if I am 10 years older and still wearing them but I will not be thinking like that no more. I put it down to younger girls just dressing older not me dressing younger. I can't think of a time when I will not be interested in fashion/trends when I am older so these young girls are not gonna put me off dressing the way I want! 

Most of my outfit is thrifted which always makes me happy, I hate days when I am tip to toe Topshop as I feel like such a sell out which just reinforces me to buy more vintage/one off things. Even these trainers that are nike and cost like 2 quid at a car boot, I wanted the blazers but they are about 40-60 quid so think of the saving! There's another item that ALL young girls are wearing. I get that they are following trends but I feel like they don't know why and just buy it because 'topshop tells them too'. I so much prefer it when an outfit is styled well - whereas with topshop you can literally buy stuff with your eyes closed and it will look on trend without having to think about it. 

Not saying that I have it all down, I know I don't, and I do love Topshop so can't really win there, but as my birthday is looming I am possibly just being cynical (and jealous...?). When I was younger I looked up to older girls with their style and fashions but as 13/14 year old's we wouldn't dress like them until we were actually older then of course all the fashions had changed anyway. Nowadays I look like the 14 year old shopping in my shop, generation gaps are just no longer visable which I think is a shame for kids who feel like they have to act and dress older and us older generation that ends up resenting these younger kids for looking like us! 

Man that was a rant! Annnnyway, I am off to France tomorrow morning, got a 7am flight so that will be hidious but might get some blogging done while I am there.

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