charity shop haul

Iron Maiden Tee -£2.49 Checked Skirt - £1 Maxi Skirt - £1.99 Jumper - £5.50 Mittens - 50...

Iron Maiden Tee -£2.49
Checked Skirt - £1
Maxi Skirt - £1.99
Jumper - £5.50
Mittens - 50p
Shorts - £3

Today I went on a charity shop mission, I haven't been for ages but I braved the cold in my fur coat and hat and tried to find some bargains. Around Manchester there are loads of small towns which have loads of charity shops. Firstly I went to Withington and got the skirt on a sale rail, Withington is good but pretty much hit and miss. Then I went to Didsbury as it is just down the road and didn't get anything, again they are just the standard crappy charity shops which arn't that amazing. Hate when it's just loads of primark and new look shit.

 I then headed to St Ann's Hospice where apparently they have lots of UO cast offs and although the shop wasn't very full they had a few nice bobble hats and shirts. The jumpers were still about £10/£12 which is a bit of a joke for a charity shop even if they are vintage but I managed to get this cream speckly one for £5.50 - it's a good shape and very cosy for this freezing weather.

I then went to Harpurphey where they have about 3 in a row which I have always found good stuff at. Here I got the skirt and tee, another tip is to always look in the men's section for good t-shirts, you can always crop/cut the sleeves off them to make them better. Found the mittens there too and for 50p you can't complain, they are so damn cute.

Then I parked my car and headed back to town and got these shorts for £3 in the under £5 shop at the bottom of Oldham Street. I have found a few good things there in the past and it's always fun to have a look in and see if there's anything good.

Gonna cut the tartan skirt into a mini, how immense with the tee? Also I am always on the look out for maxi skirts and this one should be good with sleeveless tees (even if it is winter...)

If anyone knows any super amazing locations with good charity shops around Manchester or Cheshire - I love a good road trip, then let me know, I need some new ones!

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  1. You did so well! I love everything you picked up in the charity shops, and all such bargains too! I do that too with mens t-shirts, they always have the better section :) x

  2. Such a good little selection! I find it so hard to find anything decent in charity shops anymore. The last midi skirt has got to be my favourite out of this lot! Need something similar for the warmer months x

  3. ahh i must visit the charity shops you go to! amazing finds.
    Agreed that skirt is going to look so badass when you cut it x

  4. I adore your style! Those are some amazing charity shop finds - particularly the checked skirt that is similar to one in American Apparel, but a fraction of the price! Lu-lu-luuve your blog! xx


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