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I have decided to do a post about my favourite blogs, ones that I read every day. I get so much in...

I have decided to do a post about my favourite blogs, ones that I read every day. I get so much inspiration for my own style from these girls and I love to spend time reading what they have to say and checking out their outfit posts. I prefer blogs from the UK just because the clothing generally is from the UK and it's always annoying when you find something you love and it's a US site (I hate waiting for things in the post!). 

So here are a few of my bookmarked blogs!

nicola boraston @ deciphering dreams

I recently found this blog and I love it, she has such a sense of style and I love the mix of 90's grunge and 'thrown togetherness' her looks have.

Fanny Lyckman @ fannylyckman 

I love the photography in this blog, all the locations and of course the clothes. Fanny has such a laid back approach to fashion and looks amazing in all her photos. (And I want her hair!)

Stephanie @ stephaniejw

I recently found this blog (don't you just love it when that happens?) and loved the way she laid out all her outfits, such a refreshing way to view an outfit post. Her clothes are soooo my kinda style and I need a pair of the above glasses like now.

Brittany @ waltzinblack

This girl sure has some style, the locations are great as well, makes me want to take photos in random places. Again it is like a grungy, 70's, layered, gothic style that just begs to be worn. LOVE IT!

Bebe Zeva @ fated to be hated

Last one and most probably my favourite, Bebe is just an amaing blogger, her outfits are immense and I want to have a rummage in her wardrobe so bad! I especially love the 2nd outfit, just amazing. She definitely inspires me to play with my clothing and just have fun with outfits.

So there it is, my favourite bloggers so far, I love it when I find a new one so if anyone has any suggestions then let me know. I hope someone who reads this finds someone they haven't seen before but these are all quite high profile bloggers but oh well!

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